21st Amendment Bitter American Pale Ale

We’re at our first brunch in Williamsburg, sitting in Egg, and what do I see on the menu? That’s right, I’ve got the chance to have a 21st Amendment Bitter American. So while I’m eating my fried chicken sandwich with cucumber sauce (which is pretty good too, I might add), I’ve got in front of me something that could only be described as a work of art. The can’s label is so detailed that it really makes you appreciate the effort that’s been put into crafting this beer. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about can labels, I’m here to talk about beer. So…

From the mini-keg, the APA pours a goldeny yellow with a fluffy white pillow of head. The aroma is all about the gentle balance of hop and malt. The citrus and tropical fruit hop are put up against the sweet malts, both elegantly making their way to your olfactory department.

The flavour of the Bitter American is quite light. You can really see why this would be a perfect sessionable beer. There’s nothing harsh, difficult, or overpowering to this beer, making each drink as easy as the last, and making each can as tasty as the rest. The beer is smooth all the way until the end, where the citrusy hops make their way on to the stage, adding a bitterness to the mix. This hop profile is so well balanced. It’s neither too prominent or too weak. It’s just right, making this beer astoundingly nice and easy to drink.

I have to say, this is a really nice beer (if you haven’t gathered that already). It’s not schmancy or bold, it’s not even extra special. This is just a good old pale ale that begs to be consumed, offering the right mix of flavours that help you towards the next can. Can’t wait to try their other beers.


Introductions and Recommendations!

Hi all,

Thanks for checking out the blog. There’ll be a few updates over the next few days, so forgive me for anything that’s frustrating about the site for now.

A bit about me for those who don’t know. I’m RS from Perth, Western Australia. If you haven’t already noticed, I do love beer. Florally, fruity, malty, smoky, not so wheaty, etc etc. The purpose of this blog is for me write down my thoughts of new beers, bars, bottle shops, breweries while I’m off holidaying around Europe and New York.

While we have access some pretty decent beer in Perth, some of the really good stuff just doesn’t make it over. So to overcome this problem, the only logical thing I could think of  was to book a flight directly to the source!

So for now, while I’ve still got just over a month until I leave, I’m coming up with as many places to drink exceptional drinks, eat amazing food, and see awesome sights. Recommendations on places to try in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York and Paris are more than welcome, so shoot me a message!

Otherwise, thanks for checking out the blog, and hopefully I’ll get some beers up ASAP.